The innovation of Incom LEONE, an ice cream and chocolate producer from Ajdovščina, draws the attention of global nutrition experts again. At the International V-Label Awards contest, a well-established international competition, AL!VE Chia & Blueberry ice cream sticks were declared the world’s best vegan or vegetarian snack! This award confirms the great popularity of AL!VE ice creams, which are loved by discerning ice cream fans in 11 countries.

AL!VE with a new milestone in the category of plant-based products

AL!VE ice creams and chocolates are a popular with people who prefer more protein in their diet and less sugar and calories. They are also a favourite choice with vegans and vegetarians whose purchasing power is increasing every year, as reflected in global food trends.

By claiming another prize at the International V-Label Awards, Incom LEONE consolidated its position among the leading global enterprises which set the food trends with innovative plant-based products. “We believe that people deserve a better choice, and AL!VE embodies our company’s commitment to the continuous development of ice creams and chocolate. The victory is so much sweeter for knowing that this year the V-Label Awards were entered by over 500 diverse products across all the categories, and thus by winning Incom LEONE consolidated its position among the leading food companies in the world,”  noted Boštjan Jerončič, CEO of Incom LEONE, on their participation in the contest.

AL!VE Blueberry & Chia ice cream sticks

For several years in a row now, AL!VE ice creams have ranked among the best-selling ice creams in Slovenia, and they earned a new, prestigious award with the AL!VE Blueberry & Chia ice cream sticks. This innovative snack is half frozen coconut dessert with grape juice and chia seeds, and half frozen dessert with blueberries and acai berry juice, filled with cranberry sauce. A serving contains only 79 calories!

V-Label is the foremost vegan certificate in the EU

The V-Label is an internationally recognised, registered symbol for labelling vegan and vegetarian products and services. For consumers, it serves as a simple and trustworthy guide when shopping for such food. More than 10,000 products and services backed by over 1,000 businesses from 27 countries carry the V-Label. The International V-Label Awards contest rewards businesses which place sustainability at the forefront of their operations to find new production methods that reduce negative impacts on the environment. As a producer of ice cream and chocolate that exports its products to more than 43 countries, Incom LEONE and its innovations are having an important effect on the global food industry.

Over 43,000 fans of vegan and vegetarian food selected their favourites

The international jury at this year’s V-Label Awards consisted of 15 members, including prominent figures in the vegan and vegetarian food industry worldwide, and representatives of selected NGOs. Votes were also cast by 11 leading food influencers who together have more than a million followers. The audience also participated in the award process – their favourite vegan or vegetarian products received a total of nearly 43,000 votes.

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